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I was watching CourtTV Friday night when a show concerning an interesting topic came on. It talked about babies abandoned at birth, however, it wasn't created due to the hoax in Florida, but rather re-aired. It spoke to women who had abandoned children after hiding pregnancies. One of whom I really felt for because she was alone in her dorm room and terrified that her grandparents, who took her in at sixteen, would disown her. She ended up keeping it after someone found it and tracked her down and her grandparents agreed to help, so she could finish school, but many babies aren't so lucky.

Another topic covered was Safe Haven laws, which now exist in forty-five states. These laws allow women to drop babies off at hospitals and fire or police stations without any repercussions. While some say this may encourage abandonment, I say you have to think about these girls as well. Many of these girls have hidden their pregnancy and are ashamed. They don't even want to admit this had happened, so going through the adoption process is not an option in their mind. In fact, I wonder how many would like to abort, but can't afford it, either monetarily or because of concieved pressure from family. I think Safe Haven laws save lives, even if they do complicate things for these children later on. However, for these programs to work, there needs to be publicity. It needs to be spoken about in high schools and colleges as well as through out communities, otherwise it helps no one. I think national legislation ought to be passed as well, but legislation regarding babies isn't a good topic right now, so who knows.