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As I sat at my computer at 6pm on Sunday night, I wondered what to watch. One look at the college basketball scores gave me my answer and very mixed feelings as the Wake-Duke game was starting at 6:30. I despise Duke, but a Wake Forest loss would give UNC sole possession of first place in the ACC. The first half was close and low scoring as Wake held a 44-42 lead at the break. However, the second half was not so evenly matched as Duke gained the lead and then enlarged it, partially due to Wake Forest foul trouble. The Deacons eventually caught up, but could get no closer than seven or eight as Duke finally won 102-92. So, UNC leads the ACC with four games left, two on the road and two at home, including the rematch with Duke.

After the college game was over, I tuned in the NBA All-Star Game to see Kobe have the best statistical night, but the East win thus giving Allen Iverson the MVP. However, this evens things out a bit as the West isn't so dominant. Based on the events of Saturday and Sunday night, I'd say that a Finals prediction of Suns/Heat is pretty safe and would be very entertaining.

After a weekend of sports, I spaced out and didn't set my alarm properly this morning, so I missed history. However, after going to the bookstore to procure Black Hawk Down by Mark Bowden for film class, I went to the History office anyway, to pickup Girl Scout cookies. Even this didn't go smoothly as my Samoas were nowhere to be found, so I took a box of Thin Mints, left the money for the three boxes that were there and headed for home planning to get the remaining boxes tomorrow when I have a bag rather than the cases that the cookies are currently in.

I got home to discover Mom wanted to talk Spring Break, so after some discussion, it was decided that I will fly into Charlotte rather than Atlanta and leave on Saturday rather than Friday returning on Saturday rather than Sunday. So basically my break will be shorter, but not because of the beach trip I had wanted. I then left for a stretch and relaxation class that happened all in the dark, after which I deemed a nap necessary.

Upon awakening I began planning to watch Black Hawk Down only to realize that my DVD program trial had expired and the program could not be removed from my computer. After two trial downloads and removals and a call to Daddy, I found my WinDVD CD and was able to play the movie, which I finished watching at 2:30. I then decided to go to the Diner as I hadn't had much food for the day. After an hour there, I returned with three glasses of tea in my system, and that's where I stand as it is now 5:22am and I have a midterm at 12:30pm for which I haven't studied. However, I do have lunch for tomorrow thanks to my trip to the Diner. I must now attempt sleep lest I be a zombie extraordinaire for my midterm.



Samoas... so good!