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It's early morning and I should be asleep, but I'm not. I got a lot of sleep this weekend, but still am not in tune with the Eastern time zone. However, I managed to stay awake long enough on Sunday to watch the UNC-Maryland game, which was very well played, but too close for my liking. Most of the first half was close, partly due to several early UNC turnovers, but they had a ten-point lead at half. At about the eleven minute mark things began to unravel as ten had slipped to five. The game was eventually tied, but a late surge by Carolina allowed them to get a lead that they could hold, minus an 83-83 tie, to win 87-85. Phew! I hate ACC road games. Fortunately, we only have home games left, including another shot at Duke.

I was also awake for, and watched the entirity of the Oscars. I loved Chris Rock's monologue, even if parts of it were excessive. I was thrilled by the Dubya budget bashing though, especially since he related it to one of my favorite stores, the Gap. However, I wonder if he knew that Banana Republic and the Gap are owned by the same company. Eh, who cares. Robin Williams' comments about SpongeBob, while he was introducing the Animation award, were hilarious as well. I also liked the presentation of awards in different places in the auditorium and presenting awards on stage, just to spice things up. And I like Beyoncé, but not three times in two hours. Plus, I wanted "Accidentally in Love" to win best song anyway. Other than that, I was happy with the major awards. I was surprised though, that Friday Night Lights was not nominated for best Adapted Screenplay, eh oh well. So, while the adults might not have like it, the Oscars resonated with this member of the younger generation and I'll keep watching.