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I'm back in in Tallahassee, but all is not right with the world. First, UNC lost as I listened on the way to the Charlotte airport. Then, I get to Tallahassee and my luggage isn't here. I'm hoping it's on the next flight which gets in at 11pm and that it will be delivered tomorrow at 10am. Every time I travel at Spring Break shit happens, the last two years UNC has lost while I was in transit. And both years I've flown something other than Delta, shit happened (overbooked flight two years ago).

As for yesterday, it was basketball and shopping. Got to a sports bar for UNC tipoff at noon with Katherine and Patrick. After lunch with Mom and Daddy, went to Casa Smith for more basketball. After watching UNC pull out a miracle and Ga Tech blow out Va Tech with bits of Kentucky and Louisville games mixed in, I went to the mall. Got Em a super cute purse and finally made a decision on my next Vera EBay mission (Spectator in Green Apple). Greek for dinner capped off a wonderful day and the end of my Spring Break. However, now I'm stessing over luggage and registration (Who the Fuck decided that registration should start the Monday after Break?!).