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March Madness

I kept silent as I watched my Final Four fall apart at the hands of Vermont. Then, Kansas lost to Bucknell and two more three seeds fell today. However, now that Wake Forest has lost to West Virginia, I'm pissed. I wanted, in my heart of hearts, a UNC-Wake rematch for the title and a team of sharp-shooting white boys fucked it up. I'm about ready to watch nothing but UNC games the rest of the tourney as this watching games all day is getting to be too much. I've sacrificed food and sleep in the name of sport, and I'm about to cry from being so stressed. At this point, my brackets are so screwed up, thanks to UW-Milwaukee making the Sweet Sixteen and Gonzaga petering out rather than Utah. I picked up point in my money bet thanks to Arizona and Kentucky, but the first ACC team to lose being Wake has made that mean nothing, especially since they blew a thirteen point lead and played two overtimes. Argh! I hate Cinderellas!!!