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Mad Dog

Maddux signed a three-year deal with the Cubs worth $24 million. I'm glad he gets to go back to Chicago if he couldn't stay in Atlanta, but am surprised at the contract terms. First off, I don't know when the three year part was added as most reports said two was what he was looking for. Also, I know Boras was pushing for a big contract and $8 million/year is less than his last with the Braves. Anyway, all that matters is that he'll have an "A" on his hat in Cooperstown. Let the countdown to 300 recommence, eleven wins left.


ah, you're the first person i heard that from, good glad it wasn't the yanks, i figured it'd be with the cubs.
Hehe, you know I keep updates on my fav ex-Braves, constantly.


didn't know you had LJ too! Faboo!

I need to start watching baseball again...

When I was a younger that’s pretty much all I did, go watch my brother play baseball. I was a Braves fan as well. Chipper is still on the Braves right? My Grandma is the biggest Braves/Chipper fan ever. Anyways, I've always wanted to go see the Noles play, but never have. If you go this season, holler at me and bring an old friend..haha

Re: I need to start watching baseball again...

Yep Chipper is still in ATL, thank god. And if I go to a game that isn't spontaneous, I'll let you know.