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I just got back from seeing my favorite of the Best Picture nominations for Sunday's Oscars, Seabiscuit. The movie just about left me in tears not only because of the great comeback stories, but also because of memories of my own horseback riding past. If you don't know already, Seabiscuit is the story of a down and out jockey, trainer, and horse who along with a crazy owner prove to the entire racing world that physical size isn't the issue. The size of one's heart is the measure of greatness. This movie was made even more wonderful to me by the fact that my all-time favorite jockey, Chris McCarron, who is now the GM at Santa Anita, was War Admiral's jockey. George Wolff is played by another Hall of Fame jockey, Gary Stevens, who rides as masterfully in real life as he did on film. This is a movie I'll not soon forget and I hope it wins a few statuettes.



Hey Kate! I forgot that you had moved over here, until I saw your note in my diary, went to note you back on your latest entry, then actually read that entry, and went "Oh yeah, she moved!" LOL Anyway, I'll try to remember to check you out over here. And what's wrong with UConn anyway? ;)

TellTaleHeart @opendiary.com