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It's Homecoming weekend and I'm bored out of my mind. I haven't had much sleep as I'm attempting to finish my grad school apps. And motivation for my statement of purpose struck at 5:45am. So, I'm about half awake and waiting on Sara to arrive in town. Might go to PowWow, might go to Stetson's, who knows. I need some chill time before my mother arrives tomorrow.

On a completely different front, I've been slacking on imformative entries and now the info is piling up. I wrote a while back about the Supreme Court nomination of John Roberts, well in the mean time, he's been confirmed...as Chief Justice due to the death of William Rehnquist. So not what I wanted to see. Since then, Harriet Miers was nominated to replace O'Connor, but yesterday she withdrew her name from consideration. This was done because the uber-conservatives weren't happy as she's in favor of civil unions and equal rights for gays. Miers was, however, in support of a measure that would further erode Roe v. Wade. So, this can't be why she was condemned. She also had never been a judge (why was she even nominated then?) and was Bush's personal counsel. The paper trail from this job was being asked for a is part of the reason for the withdrawl of consideration as well. The last time a President nominated his personal counsel for a Supreme Court seat was Lyndon Johnson's nomination of Abe Fortas. Well, this failed miserably as well. Now Bush must find someone more satisfactory to the far Right who is hopefully not "Scalia in a skirt" as I saw it put earlier. I just want someone with judicial experience who won't fuck with my reproductive rights. That's not too much to ask, now is it?


hey, its shannon from religions of s asia class!! ..hi. i added you.