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NC State game

I was so hoping to get through a home football season without a defeat, but it wasn't to be. However, no tears this time. I knew it was going to be an interesting day when I called my parents at 12:30pm, with kickoff at 3:30pm, and they were just leaving Mobile. I reminded them that they possessed my only clean clothes and then scrambled to find replacements. My only decent pair of jeans had icing on them, so I had to hand wash/use a hairdrier on them. Then I set out to buy a new t-shirt because my jersey was too wrinkled to wear. I bought the Seminole Nation shirt I'd been wanting, but arrived back at the dorm at 3:00pm. Argh! I then commenced to be stupid and paint my face before changing shirts, so my Miami game shirt from two years ago has paint on it. So, after changing shirts and redoing paint, I hastily grabbed earrings and headed out the door.

I didn't miss kickoff, but I missed the start of the Seniors being honored. And I got to see the spear planted at the fifty one more time. Everything went down hill from there. NC State score on their second play due to busted coverage on a sixty-five yard run. FSU's offense was pathetic, but some how we managed to tie the game at ten by half. Coulda been up 17-10, but a TD wasn't counted because our guy was pushed out of bounds.

Anyway, at half I called my parents and then walked the length of the stadium to find them. They hadn't arrived until the second quarter because they forgot about the time difference. Both of them got slapped on the head for that. I then ran back to the student section because the third quarter had started. NC State scored twice to go up 20-10 as our offense continued to suck even after we got the ball on the 31 after a blocked punt. We went three and out, in-fucking-excusable. After another blocked punt, we got the ball on the 5 and only got a field goal. Un-fucking-acceptable! We finally got a safety with two minutes left, but then Weatherford threw his third pick of the day to seal our fate.

I so wanted us to win my last game as an undergrad. However, now I'm worried we might not win another game all year. Next week at Clemson is huge. Hopefully the team is feeling the urgency that the fans are. And hopefully they are as psyched for the game in The Swamp as they were against Miami. Especially since courtesy of the beatdown Miami laid on VaTech, I think we have a rematch on December 3rd.