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Parental Visit

The rest of my weekend after the game went much better, for me at least. I met my parents back at my apartment after they got lost and walked around the stadium a time a half. I got my dirty laundry and we found our way to the laundromat to drop it off tobe washed and picked up the next day. Then we returned to my parents motel to walk Jill. However, she wasn't in the room when we got back. She'd gotten out three times and was being walked by a maintenance guy until we returned. He and his cousin had been watching her since she got out the first time. We asked them to keep her a while longer so we could go to dinner. I asked to go to On the Border in hopes of being able to watch the Miami-VaTech game, but no dice. My birthday dinner was nice, chimichanga and a pina colada. After eating, we hurried back to the motel and retrieved the dog. The rest of the night was good, watched the game and went to bed, but not before receiving a call from the liquor store across the street checking on Jill as they'd seen her.

The next morning, we went and ate brunch, after I had woken up at 7:30am. Then, we went to the grocery store and picked up laundry. Came back to my apartment, put away stuff and decided on graduation announcements, which have been ordered. Then, my parents left and I took a much-needed nap.