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I have a quiz in Military History I should be studying for and a book for American Indians in the US I should be reading, but I'm doing neither. The book is for a paper that was supposed to be due today, but class was cancelled and the paper's due Monday. However, my graduate application for FSU Spring 2006 is in, minus two rec letters. I talked to Witherspoon about his today and just might go talk to Robbins about hers tomorrow, if I can summon the strength to be in Bellamy between 8-9am. If not, I'll leave a message for her.

On the birthday front, my trip to Augusta to celebrate with Bryan is getting complicated. As of right now, I leave at 8am Friday via Greyhound to the Atlanta airport, from there, I either get a ride from a family friend or a shuttle to Augusta. Dinner with Bryan is Saturday night. Then, Sunday begins with a 9am shuttle back to Atlanta. I then catch a flight to Pensacola, and my mother drives me to Tally. Is it worth it? Who knows.