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My trip to Augusta never happened. Instead I took Greyhound to Marianna and my mother took me to Mobile. It was surreal to see our furniture set up in another house, and weird to not sleep in my own bed (because my room has boxes everywhere). However, it was nice to get to spend some birthday money and hang out with Sara and Emma. We began with ice cream (coffee ice cream with Reese's is yummy) and my getting a gift from Sara, the kokopelli handbag I've been coveting. We went Vera shopping next, I got a patchwork cosmetic then, more later. Emma got me initial TP as a gift. Then we went in Victoria's Secret, but came away empty, just shocked and amused by the Sexy Little Things line. And went in the bookstore, it's scary how alike Sara and I are, with our craving for random knowledge (including the makings of a drink called the Seminole Slam). I bought a book of great Supreme Court cases and Sara bought that book for a man in her life and a random trivia book for herself, I think. My birthday dinner consisted of white pizza from a new Italian place near my parents' house, red velvet cake, and Smirnoff Ice.

Saturday began early as I went with my parents to tour the house the want to buy. It was built in 1898, and the ground floor is great, very open. I has a sun room and screened porch as well as a nice backyard. However, the extra bedrooms are tiny and that makes me unhappy. The landing at the top of the staircase is tiny and while I love dormer windows, but when both walls are slanted, the room is too small. There is a nice apartment over the garage that could be mine if grad school and staying in Tally fails though. It has a bedroom/bath, sitting area, kitchen, and laundry. That would be cool.

Saturday continued with the worst FSU game all year, a 35-14 loss to Clemson. It was ugly. We have two weeks to prepare to not be humiliated by Florida. The only players playing well are the defensive special teams. Everyone else sucks. Our O-Line is injured and that has crippled our offense. Our defense seems to only be our linebackers, a young secondary will be the death of this team. Basic tackling seems to have escaped everyone. We haven't gotten nearly enough interceptions/turnovers to balance out what we've given away. And our offensive special teams are inexperienced, been a long while since we had a long run back. And finally, too many penalties! We can't continue to beat ourselves or we'll end up 7-6, which is totally possible and un-fucking-acceptable!

Anyway, after the game, Mom and I did more shopping. I got my eyebrows done, bought a Vera little betsy and watch, got a cardholder for free. Then, I went into Verizon to look at a new phone and left with a two-year plan, cute flip phone and my Tallahassee number. Yay for better cell service!

Dinner was finally Chinese food. I was in heaven. And the best football game of the night was after dinner. Auburn beat Georgia in a thriller that included lots of turnovers. Em had gone to Athens and managed to get a ticket to the game, so I was glad Auburn won. However, if they beat Bama, I'll not be amused.

I finally got to sleep in on Sunday, but that caused problems. My laundry didn't get finished, so all I brought back was my purchases. Then, the bridge construction in Pensacola and bad weather caused me to miss my bus, so Mom had to drive me all the way to Tallahassee. I finally got back at 8pm and had to finish a book for a paper I wrote Monday. Oy! Long weekend, lots of fun.