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I got up at 9am this morning to finish my S. Asian Religions paper, but just barely got it finished due to footnotes and the bibliography. Then I found out that my remaining two rec letters aren't in yet, so I e-mailed both professors. I hope they get the letters in by Tuesday as I need a decision from the department by December 1st in order to keep my Housing assignment. Went to the Diner hoping to see a certain someone only to find out he's working tomorrow, grrr! I hope I can see him then. Then, my roomies were being loud and interfering with nap time, but I wasn't in world-class bitch mode, so they didn't get scolded. And we've been having temperature wars in my apartment because it's cold out, but the two end rooms in the apartment, including mine, stay hotter than the middle rooms. And the increased temp has made my poster fall off my door twice. I replaced some of the sticky stuff on it, but it now has another rip. Finally, I'm waiting patiently for the arbitration hearing in Philadelphia to end so I can write my TO entry, but my patience is about to run out.