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Basketball season has officially started. I was actually able to watch a UNC game last night, as apparently my cable only sees fit to give me access to big games. It was a rematch of the title game Illinois-UNC, and I was dreading it due to losing seven players from last year's squad. However, the freshmen surprised me and played well. If they could have cut down on turnovers, they might've won. As it was, Illinois only won by four, in the last minute. UNC is super young, but they are great fun to watch as Roy Williams has decided that not letting opposing teams have time to set their defense is the way to win games. We have a game against Kentucky this weekend, but it's at noon, so whether I'll be awake for it is negotiable.

On another front, my roommates are making me crazy. The doors to our individual rooms are super thin, so I hear everything said in the apartment. And more importantly, it interrupts my nap time. I've actually gone to class the last couple of days because it was too loud in my apartment. That's not cool. And today, it was so loud that they could be heard from the elevator, several doors away. I should talk to them, and I will, but when I can just talk to my roomies, not their friends too. I need my sleep, even if it's in the afternoon.