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What I Want...In A Man

This was brought up as I was talking to a good friend about what she really wanted in her future husband. I'm 21, still a virgin, never been kissed, and never been on an actual date, and there is definitely a reason. I'm picky, about qualities and looks. I want a smart guy with common sense, and a college degree. I also want a sport lover and/or someone who will put up with my love of sports. He better not be too religious, but he doesn't have to be Christian. And he shouldn't want to be called "Daddy". He also needs to be respectful, being raised in the South, I want a gentleman, sans the accent. Now, the looks profile. He must be a nice dresser, polo and khakis kinda guy. And he must have dark hair, eyes, and pereferably skin. I like tall guys too. In the miscellaneous category, he must like a girl with some meat on her bones, and a tomboy. Any guys who can't take independence in a woman need not apply.


lol i used to think i was picky... till i read this lol
only southern men, who dress good, who can put up with a sport lovin girl (already eliminates like 50 % of the southern good dressers) who is tall dark hair & eyes and skin.
i think there might be a couple of those guys out there...
I didn't say I wanted a Southerner :-Þ, just a guy w/manners.