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I should probably recount the weekend that was Gainesville. Friday of Thanksgiving, after much shopping, I went Sara's because we were heading out early for Gainesville. We left the following morning by 6:45am and were in Gainesville by 1:30pm. This included breakfast and a stop at the gas station next door to the hotel where the Noles were staying in Lake City. After we arrived in Gainesville, we drove around trying to find where Michael and Julie were parked. After find them, changing clothes, and applying warpaint, we headed to the stadium. Sara and my seats weren't together, but we ended up sitting together as the student section wasn't nearly as packed as 2003.

The game was hideous. No scoring by either team in the first quarter. A touchdown gave UF a second quarter lead. Then, they scored again after they blocked our field goal attempt. That was the only first half scoring. However, early in the third quarter UF kicked a field goal. Meanwhile, we haven't gotten anything going on offense. It was so boring that I almost fell asleep. We decided after UF scored again to make it 20-0 that we would leave at the beginning of the fourth quarter. Before we got out of the stadium, it was 27-0. They scored again to make it 34-0 as we were getting our car and heading out of town. With 5½ minutes left, we finally scored a touchdown. This kept in tact a run of 200+ games,twenty-two years, of not being shut out. However, that was the ugliest game I've ever seen. We got back to Tallahassee by 9pm and after dinner, talking, and unloading the car, Sara headed back instead of staying over night. I then proceeded to sleep half of the next day.