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I just got back after a week of travel. Birmingham, Atlanta, and Augusta in a week is a bit much. Now, I'm back in Mobile long enough to move my parents into a new house. The truck for us to load boxes on to is being picked up tomorrow and the movers are coming for the furniture on Wednesday. Then, Thursday we leave for Colorado. I'm typing this on my laptop, but I'm not sure how much computer access I'll have until I get back to Tally on the 4th. Christmas was good. Lots of money and clothes, a few pieces of Vera, more UNC championship stuff (highlights CD and UNC fleece after a shirt and ornament for my birthday), two books and CDs, and a new watch (hopefully this one doesn't get scratched). Two of my grad announcements were returned, so new envelopes must be found and those remailed ASAP. No actual gifts other than the blanket from Em, the Legacy Walk brick, and a Vera picture frame. However, lots of money in the bank. Graduating at the holidays is good.