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I miss late night trips to the Diner. Now I feel guilty for going more than once a week. Plus, I'm bored at 4am, but unable to sleep. Also, my mother needs to reimburse me for books and food as most of my graduation money is gone and I haven't even bought any Vera.


I love how vera bradley is a priority! :) Or was that what graduation money was meant for, new vera bradley?
It's just a priority. I need a checkbook cover to match my new mini zip and a laptop bag.
I haven't bought any new Vera yet either! What do you have your eye on?
A laptop bag (hoping the metro works) and a checkbook cover.
They're marketing the new metro as a laptop carrier... so I'm hoping it works - I'm eying that as well :)
It should, but I have an older/bigger laptop.

I need a new laptop case, because my 17 inch powerbook doesn't really fit well in my old laptop's case... but I'm not sure I want to spend $80 plus on one... yet anyway. Since I'm not in school my laptop hardly ever goes anywhere except in the summer when I take it to the other house.

What color metro do you want?
Not sure, but Nantucket Red is definitely an option.