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WARNING: Murder Case with Abuse Details

I totally didn't expect this, but I've been sucked into the latest trial being shown on Court TV. It's the case of Cody Posey, a 14-year-old accused of murdering his father, step-mother, and step-sister on the New Mexico ranch owned by ABC anchor Sam Donaldson. While I will freely admit to being pro-defense in most cases, I never thought I'd feel the way I do about this case. I really want to see this kid let go, as he needs therapy not prison.

Cody Posey had a hard life. He mother, Carla, died in a car crash when he was ten and he was sent to live with his father, who divorced his mother when Cody was four. His father Paul, had also signed away his right to Cody shortly before Carla's death, but it was overturned on a technicality as Paul printed his name rather than signing it. Cody goes to live with his father, who has abused him all his life, and who wanted the $600/month Social Security check Cody got more than Cody himself, but child protective services refuses to do anything. And because the ranch is in such a small town, neighbors won't help either, presumably fearing the repercussions. The abuse documented in court ranges from his step-mother (Tryone) telling a teacher that she hates Cody (and she refuses to let him get in the way of her relationship with Paul) and that he's a bad boy to him not having sufficient clothes (he had to pay to resole his boots himself after they were messed up when his father beat him with one of them) to having forty-pound bales of hay dropped on him, his finger squeezed in pliers intentionally, being whipped with a lariat, and finally being burned with a welding iron when he refused sex with Tryone. That final incident was the night before the murders. His step-sister was involved as well as she was being bribed by Paul to tattle on Cody, so that he'd get more beatings. Given all these examples, I can see why he snapped. While he did cover the bodies in manure, dispose of the gun, and smash the glass on the door to make it look like a robbery, he didn't clean the house, or take any money, just his father's truck. He went to a neighbor's to hide out for a few days before being caught.

One would think that Cody could have handled this better, but two prior attempts to run away had failed when the police brought him home. Also, his former step-mother (Sandy) had reported Paul to no avail. While I'm not sure what will be done concerning the murder of Marilea, the step-sister, Cody could get off with just two to five years in juvi if convicted of manslaughter. I'm not even sure he deserves that. He needs as normal a life as possible and lots of therapy and love.