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Any Ideas on a Compromise?

Ugh, my day started out with a phone call from an unrecognizable number. I didn't bother with it and went back to sleep. When I woke up later, I tried to figure out who called, to no avail. However, my search led me to an answer I didn't want. The fact that a guy that I like has a new girlfriend. That leaves me with mixed emotions, especially since it's two weeks until Valentine's Day. And while I'm not looking for anything serious, a relationship of some sort would be nice. Maybe I should start with a haircut and then find motivation to go to the gym, or at least walk around campus. And while I'm at it, motivation in general. I need to start research on my first WWI paper as I'd like to have it done by Mardi Gras. In a semester where I need to concentrate on school, I'm finally wanting a life. Not good.