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I lower my expectations and they are hurdled over. I raise them back up and they are smushed again. Last night was the Duke/UNC game in Chapel Hill. UNC lost, but not without making it way too interesting. Down five at the break, I was hoping for a quality win knowing that not only was this Duke/UNC, this was also Seniors/Freshmen. The Heels came out with four turnovers and preceded to get down seventeen. This was when something happened that I've never seen mid-game. Roy Williams pulled all his starters and put in backups. They narrowed the deficit by six and the starters came back to tie and then take the lead. However, free throws were missed and JJ Redick put a dagger in the heart of Heels everywhere. And then our last possession goes nowhere, much like the first game last year. When you need a trey, do not drive to the hoop. Stupid freshman. However, the resolve shown by UNC tells me that the game in Durham could be successful, so I'm cautiously optimistic.


I swear my sports teams are going to give me a heart attack...

and I get SO MAD about missed free throws, because there's really no excuse for that - I mean go home and practice them! Really!