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Spring Break week means lots of shopping and other fun. I've bought books (Ann Rule, Brokeback Mountain, and a Michael Jordan book plus Frozen in Time by Nikki Nichols), Vera (new checkbook cover and ordered a Metro for my laptop), presents, phone chargers, and oodles of "girl goop" as Daddy calls it, I love the new Japanese Cherry Blossom scent at Bath and Body. I should have been reading for WWI class, but got only some finished. I have however, caught up on American Idol, my TV guilty pleasure. I heard there might be some surprises on tonight's results show. Oh, and it's March Madness, conference tournament week. So much TV, so little time.


I <3 March Madness!

What patterns are the Veras??? I just picked up a Citrus Maggie and a Petal Pink Wristlet this week (my mom got me a Citrus Little Betsy awhile ago but I had two Little Betsys, so I exchaged it for those two bags:)
checkbook= chelsea green
metro= nanatucket red

I'd also like a java blue maggie at some future date.
I have the chelsea green checkbook cover - sooo cute :)

And the Java Blue Maggie is awesome :)
I have the matching mini-zip. As for the Maggie, my local shop has it, but I'll be broke if I buy it now.