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My weekend of basketball was sailing along just fine until between 4:30 and 5pm today, and then it hit a wall. UNC lost to George Mason, the 11 seed, to be booted from the tournament. This was after Tennessee had been beaten thus all but ensuring a trip to the Elite 8. However, the team of freshman showed their youth and let a seven point half time lead get away by having six turnovers in their first eleven posessions of the second half. The best they could do after that was a one point lead. In addition to the turnovers, UNC seemed to have forgotten post defense as George Mason got layups on several trips down floor in the mid-second half. After I called Daddy who was too busy to talk until the game was over, I called Katherine who was also to upset to talk. I then commenced to cry, which I haven't done about UNC basketball since at least 2004. I now have to watch the rest of the tournament caring about nothing but winning money.



I was just disgusted. Now I'm sad.
I wasn't disgusted, just back in freshman-hating mode.