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I got a call at 4pm yesterday asking me if I wanted to have dinner with Ambassador Joe Wilson with the rest of the College Dems exec board and guests. I scrambled to get close and was at the dinner by 4:45. It was great. We talked about Ann Coulter's visit to campus and other things political, including the fact that the least represented group among voters is single women ages 18-24. This sucks because we are the ones who Roe v. Wade effects most. After dinner there was a public meet and greet with the Ambassador and then the program where I was an usher for the VIP section.

It was great because Wilson came across as a really nice guy. He entered foreign service after being refused entry to grad school and served in Africa for twenty years before being appointed by Bush Sr. to work in Iraq. Having seen the first Gulf War from the Middle East and having negotiated with Sadaam himself, Wilson thinks this war in Iraq is all wrong. Our military shouldn't be in the middle of what is essentially a civil war, their job ended when it was proved that there were no WMDs, and thus not defending America. However, Wilson did explain that we need to keep troops in the region to protect oil reserves in eastern Saudi Arabia, so a complete withdrawl isn't possible. All that was ever found concerning WMDs, according to Wilson, were parts that were for Italian guns and containers in which one could theoretically put the uranium that Sadaam was supposed trying to get from Niger. Well, Ambassador Wilson worked in Niger and could verify that no uranium was ever attempted to be bought from there. So, basically, he said that Bush had no valid reason for war. Wilson also wrote an Op/Ed piece in the NY Times trying to call the government to account, which upset many in Washington...oh and he's the husband of CIA agent Valerie Plame, whose cover was blown by Scooter Libby. Much excitement and fun, especially when he admitted to having smoked pot, been married three times and having been a carpenter after college. Fabulous talk and the Q&A was good as well. Much was asked about Iraq, but the best questions of the night were whether or not we would be further along in Afghanistan if we'd left Iraq alone. He said yes. Wilson also said that in his opinion, removing Sadaam may not have been the best thing for Iraq. Sure he killed many people, but the warring factions there now aren't helping either. I happen to agree. And I now want his book, Politics of Truth, even though I can't get it signed.

After the event, I hung around and got a signed poster and a group picture with the Ambassabor and the exec board. Fun times. No Dems meeting tonight, but allergies have me too exhausted to go anywhere anyway.