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Cinderella's Still Dancin'

My brackets have gone to hell. Two are finished, two have only one team, UCLA, left. And one bet has been declared over, with me as winner, because nobody had a team left in the final game, much less a winner. After beating my beloved Tarheels, George Mason beat Wichita State and destroyed my bracket by beating UConn. My bracket took another hit when Villanova, who lost to Florida, beat BC. I can't believe there are two SEC teams in the Final Four, when no ACC teams made it to the Elite 8. Sooo wrong! Oh and fuck the Big East, all they are good for is heart attacks. Too many overtime games this weekend, not cool. Yes, I will watch next weekend, but no, I won't care. Even Duke losing gave me no pleasure, that says something's wrong. And the fact that I felt bad for JJ Redick says even more. I'm ready for this tournament to be over...NOW!