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Much Better

Reading an article in Sports Illustrated about sports blogging reminded me how far I've gotten from my original purpose for this blog, Sports Writer in Training. I don't know if it's the need to write more often or the sense that I might be boring my readers as I get very few comments, but my writing has changed. It doesn't have as much feeling as it used to have. I haven't written nearly enough for it to be March Madness. Not when the tears had dried after George Mason beat UNC, after I suffered in silence as Adam Morrison's career ended, or I felt sorry for Duke as they lost to LSU and saw the tear rolling down JJ's cheeks, or after watching three overtime games in one weekend, the last of which I still can't comprehend as #1 UConn fell to #11 George Mason and I called my father furious as I don't believe Mason should have been given a spot in the tourney as the Colonial Athletic Association at-large. First time the conference has ever gotten two bids and one gets to the Final Four. Argh! Add to this the fact that I'm losing one pool to Emily, who knows nothing about basketball, but put Mason in the Elite 8. She also correctly picked enough upsets to have been ranked #2 in the Facebook standings at Auburn, she's now #4. God I hate the tournament this year, despite the fact that one bet with my dad, Katherine, and Patrick was declared over, with me as winner, as no one had anyone left in the final game. However, nothing will ever compare to last year I'm quite sure as I won two bets, one where I was the only girl, and UNC won the title.

Which leads me to another sports-related topic. I haven't read a good sports book in a while, or written a book review in ages. However, Sara called me last week to tell me she saw an ad, in Elle, of all places, for a book she thought I'd like. It's called...deep breath... To Hate Like This Is to Be Happy Forever: A Thoroughly Obsessive, Intermittently Uplifting, and Occasionally Unbiased Account of the Duke-North Carolina Basketball Rivalry by Will Blythe. I found an excerpt online and decided this is a must-buy, partly because Blythe is a Carolina fan, and partly because this very subject was the topic of my English research paper senior year of high school. I hope to get to read this soon as I need a break from history.


dude, i need that book!
It was published in February 2006, haven't seen it in stores yet.