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I've been on a major music kick lately, both sharing and procuring. The lack of late night TV and curiosity about American Idol 21st Century week possibilities have had me listening to AOL Radio as I don't listen to regular radio much, other than as my alarm. However, while listening to the radio, I find more songs to request. I don't have many albums to over though, just individual songs as I don't buy much music. Might start again though. Especially when the Dixie Chicks' new single is released, it's a comment on their life since bashing Bush, so I feel the need to support despite my general dislike of country music. Also, I've downloaded some albums/soundtracks worth buying. Not sure which ones I'll purchase yet though, Daniel Powter (vocalist for the American Idol goodbye montage) as well as the Walk The Line soundtrack are considerations.


Anna Nalick (a lot of her songs are on Grey's Anatomy) is Awesome. Breathe 2:00am is my fave.
I've heard some of her stuff, might have to get that song.
I've been listening to that, the Daniel Powter song, and Chris Daughtry's version of "Walk the Line" pretty much nonstop lately.
Daughtry singing Walk The Line was WEIRD seeing as how I'd seen the movie/listened to the soundtrack right before his performance.
I haven't seen the movie or anything, but he just rocks at everything.
Yeah, but it's kinda beginning to all sound the same, it'll be interesting to see what he does for Country week.
I think seeing what pretty much everyone except for Kellie and Bucky do next week will be interesting.
Yep, I'm just hoping it's done well.