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I've suddenly found myself in the Student Life Cinema a lot. Saw Walk the Line two weeks ago (first time on the big screen), Rent last week, and have plans to see Capote (already seen it, want to again) as well as Brokeback Mountain (own but haven't read the novella) next week. Movies are a good release from reality and give me an excuse to soundtrack hunt. However, one of the movies, Rent, had a greater purpose. Anthony Rapp, member of the original Broadway cast as well as in the movie, came to FSU on Monday in support of his new book on his life in Rent. And, gasp, he actually read a selection from said book, Without You: A Memoir of Life, Love, and the Musical Rent. It was good enough to be added to the now long enough to bury me to-be-read list. After the reading he took questions, some of which were about Rent, others about his role in Charlie Brown. And finally, he sang Seasons of Love a capella, it was good, but not fabulous. However, now I want to see Rent in NYC to see what was left out of the movie. Too bad I can't go to the 10-year reunion of the original cast in April, but it's exam week.