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Ugh, I've been up since 8:30 for no reason. I've been reading for my World War I papers on commemoration. I want to focus on the monuments and Armistice Day, haven't found much on the latter though. I need to do an articles search, for primary and secondary source articles. I hope I can get these papers done by Thursday, but I'm lacking a key source that was checked out of the Law Library. Why a book I need on World War I is in the Law Library, not Strozier, is beyond me, and why there are two copies of the Fussell book in the London Study Center has me even further puzzled/frustrated. I hope to get more reading done today, and am glad that some of what I read for my Verdun paper will transfer, thus saving me time. I'm kinda glad not to be in Atlanta with the fam, but also missing home-cooked food. Have plenty of chocolate though, guess that'll have to do.