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It was three years ago today that I sat in my dorm room, bawling my eyes out, and watched history unfold that I really wished wouldn't. It was a Wednesday night and I was typing an overdue paper for Old South, but my mind wasn't on that. My mind was on the basketball game on the TV. It was a Washington Wizards game, but more than that, it was Michael Jordan's last game, ever. However, this ties into Easter as well. As it was that Easter Sunday, April 20th, that I realized how little religion meant to me when compared with sports. I had planned to go to the church service at the Episcopal University Center, but it started at 5pm. Well, while cruising the news at about 3:30, I noticed an article on what I presume to have been ESPN about a goodbye letter from Michael Jordan in the NY Times that day. I dropped everything and headed out to find a copy of this paper. I went to the NY Times bin on campus to no avail, then looked for one on Tennessee St. only to find a USA Today. By the time I got back on campus I was majorly stressed out and it was either go to church or go to Strozier, where I knew I could at least read the letter. I headed for the library. I finally read the letter, but the tears didn't stop flowing until after I had made my parents promise they'd get me a copy of that NY Times. By this time, church was long over, and I'd realized that I didn't care. I realized that day that sports meant more to me than church/organized religion ever would.