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The good news is that I got an A- in World War I and a B+ French Rev, thus insuring my status as an FSU grad student in the fall. The bad news is that my loans are a pain in the ass and I currently can't register until my recently submitted FAFSA allows the university access to more funds. Also, I have a job for summer, training starts Monday to be a room service person at a Marriott resort near here. Night shift, but good pay. However, housing for fall is becoming a pain as Mom wants me on campus, but that can't happen now. So, I'm calling about these one-room dumps that aren't university housing, but still on campus tomorrow. This is an especially contentious issue since Em signed a lease then had a crappy semester and Mom wants her home for summer. The last thing I need is a sulky little sister to ruin my summer.

On a more intriguing front, I found motivation for my long-contemplated tattoo in a most unlikely place. Which shall remain hidden as I'm not sure who reads this journal. I have a design picked out, a heart with the interlocking FS symbol and feather, its the FSU charm I wanted but never found. And my heart will always be in Tallahassee, regardless of where later roads may lead. I did, however, see that charm on someone during Finals week. As for the color of the tat, I'm still not sure, the color of the charm won't work, so I was thinking garnet, but then it was pointed out by my source that colors fade more than black. Hmmm. Anyway, I shall be inked by the beginning of fall, hopefully.