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My trip to Atlanta was boring. Family bowling trips are annoying. And while I did get $40, I also got some useless stuff, like a shirt from Aeropostale that doesn't fit. When we got back, life got hectic. Grandparents arrived on Tuesday, then we went to the 4:00 church service on Christmas Eve, which I hate as it's the kids' service. However, it is nice and short. Then we went to Cary's and I got a nice outfit, plus my first legal spiked eggnog...mmm. Finally, we went to Larry and Wendy's to exchange more gifts and have yummy she-crab soup. I got a monogrammed purse and a book on the history of ACC Sports, yea! Then we stayed late to await the arrival of Brian, Nikki and baby Lauren, who was decked out in Christmas cuteness including slippers and a Santa hat! Then we left to go home as my mother was home sick and my grandparents had already left.

Christmas Day dawned with cautious excitement on my behalf as I already knew the details to my big Orange Bowl gift. I wasn't expecting much, but was happily surprised. I got three pieces of Vera Bradley luggage and an Orange Bowl shirt for my trip. Plus a new black purse to go with the jacket I bought for my birthday. I also got the DVD I wanted, Chicago, and one of the books I wanted, All She Wanted, as well as my obligatory calendar. Since I didn't ask for much, I did get some surprises such as a behind the scenes book on Trading Spaces and a book with stories from the Braves pitchers. All around, I cleaned up, got some clothes too. Later that day, I helped prepare dinner by making the spinach and artichoke casserole and showed off the bounty.

I also got to enjoy my first Christmas as a legal drinker with some rum-spiked eggnog and a Cranberry and Vodka on Christmas Eve. While the night before I'd discovered that my mother needs lessons in wine selection. Yea for enjoying Christmas intoxication!