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I'm two days into my job at the Marriott and things are going well so far. Dinner room service is slow, no orders tonight after about 7:30. However, I'm learning. We are changing locations on Friday, closer to the hotel, which will make delivery much easier. Right now it's a long golf cart ride, which I need more practice driving, but from the pool it'll be much shorter. I don't know how long I'll be a trainee for, but I know I still have lots of official training stuff to do. On the job training for now though as they need people due to opening back up after Katrina. I only work 5pm-9pm, but it's good money ($9.50/hr).

On the academic front, I'm looking at switching degrees. However, I'm not sure who I want to work with or what I want to write my thesis on. My mind keeps going back to my paper on the 1936 Olympics, which had plenty of politics in it. However, I'd like to address the Winter Olympics from that year, in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany rather than the famed Berlin Games. Or maybe something military related, but no clue what, just that it would be 20th century, WWI or WWII. I talked to Dr. Green who said I should contact Dr. Grant, so that will be my next step.


changing your mind

Debbie mentioned you thinking of changing your study. She also asked me about the five guys i'm seeing. LOL

Re: changing your mind

Yeah, I'm contemplating an MA.