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NCAA Tourney Time

It may be 4am, but I'm still up. Partly due to taking seizure medicine, but also partly because NCAA Tournament Bids were announced less than twelve hours ago. I've already altered my online bracket several times trying to get everything right...just this once. I can think about my choices until the 18th. However, in between, Spring Break is over, so I have school. Damn. I couldn't believe it when Duke and UNC were put in the same bracket setting up the possible Elite Eight matchup of my dreams. The ACC got six bids, all but Carolina were #4 or higher. However, FSU was left out of the fray because Maryland won the ACC tournament, beating Duke 95-87 in overtime. As of right now, I have Kentucky, Pitt, UNC, and UConn in the Final Four with Kentucky and UConn in the final game. I think UConn wins if Okafor plays all six games. More thoughts as the games approach and then unfold.


i have kentucky, wisconsin, texas and uconn in the final four.
with kentucky pulling out the win against uconn.
we'll see. i'm super-exicted.

i also did another bracket with texas pulling out the win.
but, that one was for fun. with major upsets.
just cause...