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Preakness Update

I was stressing out as post time for the Preakness neared yesterday as I was working and unable to work. Little did I know that I had missed a grisly scene as Derby winner Barbaro pulled up lame with an injury to his right hind leg. He was out of the race and after Prado controlled him, they loaded him into an ambulance. First reports from renowned equine vet Dr. Larry Bramlage were that the cannon and pastern bones were broken. However, as Barbaro is in surgery currently, Dr. Dean Richardson of the New Bolton Large Animal Center said that the sesamoid bone behind the ankle is also broken and the fetlock joint is dislocated. He said that in most animals that is too much damage to fix. Which I understand having seen numerous horses break down on the steeplechase course in Aiken through the years. I just hope that just this once they can fix it. I don't want Katherine to have a story to hang opposite her Ruffian tribute.