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There is nothing worse than going to work or school with something weighing on your mind. That's the position in which I found myself today as I left for work not knowing the result of Barbaro's surgery. And Daddy didn't leave me a voice mail with an update either. However, apparently things went well. There's a long way to go though. I just hope the updates continue after the Triple Crown season is over.

As far as work goes, it's been a long weekend. I have Monday and Tuesday off, then wine/liquor training on Wednesday. However, I'd prefer to just relax right now. Friday was hell, Saturday was better, and tonight was busy but not hell. All though five orders in thirty minutes is no fun. Especially when the wait time give is just over an hour and you have two trainees working alone. We got it done though and I have finally figured out how to carry the trays, slowly and two-handed, with no liquid on the right side. However, heavy trays are still a problem. Not to mention the fact that technically I can't drive the golf cart until after the move to the pool on Thursday as I cannot obtain a golf cart license right now. Argh. Anyway, overall this job's going well. Not what I expected, but it'll be okay.