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After my longest four days of work all summer, I lucked out and got the fourth off. I deserved it though as I worked Saturday alone and Monday was so busy that we ran out of towels for the pool and silverware for dinner. It's been a long week period, as my last days off included a trip to Tally. It was much needed as I'm bored out of my mind, can't go out with friends around here due to lack of a car. Found an apartment after looking at several, went to the Diner and saw Sean, and bought a spirit band for Myles, the only Noles fan at work. However, my purchase for myself didn't work so well as I got the wrong size Alumni shirt. I hope I can return it when I return to Tally, hopefully late July, but maybe August. As of right now, I'm doing the countdown to my last day of work, twenty-nine days left.