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Damn this football season is unsatisfying. The Noles are #9 and 2-0, but we tried our damndest to lose to Troy. Down 3-0 at half, we tied the game at 10, then again at 17 before finally winning 24-17. However, it was stressful enough that most of the student section stayed...not a good thing when you're playing a school that most people couldn't locate on a map if they tried. Our o-line still needs work to allow us to have a running game, and hopefully the team got the stupidity (an int, fumble, and dropped punt return) out of their system. Next week we won't be able to afford mistakes as Clemson is on edge after having lost in overtime to BC. Plus, our defense got injured, one lineman's gone for the year, two others are hurt, and Derek Nicholson was injured, but is slated to play. I hope we get our team on track as I really want a season that I'm proud of before I leave Tallahassee.

On to other topics, I've been researching an idea for my Methods paper, but am conflicted. I'm trying to do a paper on schools with American Indian mascots, but it's gonna be difficult since I'll defend FSU's use of the Seminoles to the end. My source list for this paper is due tomorrow, hasn't been typed up yet. And I spent today in a stupor after getting up early to get Clemson tix. I got there at 8:50 and I swear there must have been three hundred people there. I hate the new system 'cause it gives people false hope that they can get tickets without working for them. I got my ticket, my neighbor's ticket, and three guest tickets, one for my neighbor, two for a friend from work this summer. And I have to register for tix for Rice on Friday.