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It's been a boring week. Just going to class and doing research for my Methods paper on the mascot issue at Florida State and Illinois. It's something I'll enjoy and I figure it'll give me good practice with primary sources. I also got my first few books for my Nazi Olympics historiography. Now, if only my interlibrary loan books would hurry up and get here. I'll post about the Noles most recent games later as I've been slacking due to venomous feelings after the Clemson game.



Hello it's me again

AND AGAIN i can't in to u'r link to download mp3

if u have this mp3

Me first and the gimme gimmes:
1. Dont let the sun goes down
2. summer time
3. elenor

Sondre Lerche - Minner Details

Please send to my email echabulet@yahoo.com

Thanx before