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Fucking Noles lost to NC State. Unacceptable against a freshman QB making only his second start. Our defense let NC State run all over them. And we still have no running game. Two good drives all night, but one ended in an INT to end the game. Now we basically have no chance at winning the conference and I'll be damned if I think we can beat BC and Florida. We need a QB who can orchestrate drives without having the plays spoon-fed to him and with the new clock, we need a no-huddle offense. Fortunately we have a decent kicker or we'd be getting our ass kicked. Jeff doesn't trust our passing game and our running game/run blocking sucks major ass. We had a ten-point lead at 20-10 and couldn't hold it. Times were that was plenty. Well times have changed and now so should the coaching staff.

And now we have hit a new season low. I haven't cried over a game since UF 2004, and that was a multitude of problems, not just the suckiest offense I ever seen as a Nole fan. And that includes the Rix years...
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