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Ugh. Tomorrow is registration and I'm so totally not prepared. The classes available have very little appeal to me, or those that do aren't very applicable. For example, Traditional India or American Legal History would be fascinating, but I've taken mostly Military/European to this point. Then there's the MA/MS dilemma where I'm not totally sure I can take three classes, one of which being a final MS project, and take comps in a semester. Add to this the fact that I really want to write a thesis, so that I have Law School/PhD options after graduation and it gets really complicated. Especially since I only have a vague idea for a thesis and Grant wants me to build off an already existing paper. Well the only way to do that is to use my Creswell paper I'm about to write, which effects how it is written, as I really don't want a Pacific War thesis and naval aviation strategy in the Pacific in WWII was my proposed topic. I'm beginning to hate having to backdoor my way to an MA, but that's what my heart says is right for me now.