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I don't know why I care, but it pissed me off that the Cardinals just lost to the Bears on MNF. Nevermind the fact that the Cardinals are 1-5 and the Bears are 6-0, or the fact that the Bears had six turnovers and no offensive scores, or the fact that the Cardinals were up twenty points. No, what this game comes down to is wanting some of my favorite college players to succeed. Anquan Boldin is an amazing receiver who didn't deserve to have to deal with Chris Rix, and whom I applauded for leaving after his junior year because he couldn't take anymore quarterback suckitude. And Matt Leinart is not only a two-time National Champion and Heisman winner, but one of the best young quarterbacks in the league. The drive he led to end the game tonight was perfect until the offensive coaches decided to run the ball instead of continuing with eight-yard outs to the sideline. It would have mirrored a drive he engineered almost a year ago today to beat Notre Dame were it not for the lack of run blocking by the offensive line. Sigh. I'd have loved to have seen it happen as I much prefer offense to defense and I hate Devin Hester, the Bears return man who scored to give the Bears the win as he's a former Cane.

Speaking of which...if you haven't seen/heard about the Miami/Florida International fight you must be seriously not paying attention. It was impressive. Verbal sparing in the third quarter led to an all out sideline clearing melée with punches and helmets being thrown, lots of shoving, and many ejections and suspensions. Thirty-one players suspended in total, with two FIU players being removed from the team. And some suspensions are indefinite, which makes this Nole very happy, but the one-game suspensions most Canes got won't mean much with Miami playing Duke this week, who even our inept offense scored fifty-one on last week. I'm glad that a Florida university is having issues and its not us as it was for so long. The Gangsta Canes have returned and I'm highly amused.