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I've gone all over Tallahassee to get books for papers recently. Friday, I went to FAMU to get books for my Methods paper, which of course are due back before the paper is due. Not sure how I'll rectify that yet. Anyway, what would take most people an hour took me almost three because I forgot that getting cabs in Tally on Friday of a game weekend is a bad idea. Then today, I went to Borders to get books for Nazi Germany because I need to at least skim them by Wednesday morning and Amazon wanted a fortune for them to get here by Tuesday. Why did I wait until now to get them you ask? Well, one of them wasn't published until October 25th and I had a hard time finding anything on either of them plus a third book I looked at. I have tons of reading to do, but am not feeling so hot. However, I did get my outline and abstract for Methods e-mailed to Upchurch. That's progress. However, now I have to read Haffner and some Nazi Olympics books plus part of That Noble Dream by tomorrow. Ugh. Why am I a grad student again?