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It's been a while since I've had time to make an entry. Spent the last week finishing up my paper for Methods, while I finally turned in yesterday, bibliography today. Then went to the library to begin research for my military history seminar, thinking about the Battle of the Atlantic in WWII, aviation response to u-boats. However, for at least one night, my mind needs a break. I've been making snowflakes on the site I linked earlier, which is now raising money for the Salvation Army, to break up the reading/writing about American Indian mascots, tres controversial. However, it may lead to a thesis, which I discussed with Herrera. He wanted to make sure I'm prepared for more controversy and that the school and the tribe aren't on the same page as much as they appear. He threw a new kink into the works though as he mentioned that we are hiring a Southeastern Indian specialist to start in the Fall...hmmm.

Anyway, enough about school. It occurred to me this morning that it was World AIDS Day, which led to me listening to the Rent soundtrack. However, I forgot to listen to Contact, and felt kinda wrong as today my rent was due and paid. :-x Anyway, if you go to lighttounite.org, Bristol-Myers Squibb is raising money for AIDS treatment/research.