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Kobe Update

I had gotten sick of discussing the case in circles around Christmas. However, while I was on Spring Break, news broke that got me into the case again. Katelyn Faber does have to testify about her sexual history, according to a ruling by the Colorado Supreme Court in early March. Hurlbert had tried to save her to no avail, she will now have to answer about the two pairs of panties. Also, the accuser has been in rehab twice this year, once for alcohol and most recently for cocaine (originally reported by the Globe, but confirmed by local television media in Denver). This case is so trashed that it probably won't go to trial.

Also, last night when I opened my Sports Illustrated, there was an article about how the case is effecting Kobe on the basketball court. While the Lakers are only fourth in their conference right now, they are only four and a half games behind the leaders. And despite reinjuring his shoulder in January, Kobe has averaged 25 points, 7.5 rebounds, and 7.5 assists per game since the All-Star break. And, as if SI wanted to make my night any better, they spoke of a Lakers game in Chicago where Kobe scored a Jordanesque 12 points in five minutes in a four quarter drive to victory. He has been able to put aside all that's been going on in court to give his best on the court. And I wish him the best of luck with the rest of his season.


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It goes fine, still trudging through spring semester.