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The Duke lacrosse case has begun to heat up and fall apart in the last few weeks. After the initial arrests in the spring not much happened until toxicology tests came back clean and the DNA didn't match any of those accused. Well right at Christmas the rape charges were dropped so that only sexual offense and kidnapping charges remain. At this time, Duke allowed the two accused who are still in school to return to Duke and return to the team if they chose, no word on their decision. Then the investigation into ethics violations allowed for DA Mike Nifong to be in legal troubles of his own, due to inappropriate press statements and other violations Nifong faces anything from censure to disbarment. He recently recused himself from the case causing the Attorney General's office to appoint a special prosecutor. Also, the accuser stated recently that one of the accused didn't participate, but simply watched. I wonder what she supposed he was guilty of, certainly not rape. However, despite all of the problems, she still wants to proceed with the case. I never thought I'd feel sorry for anyone who ever wore Duke blue, but I do. These guys have been through hell all so Nifong could be elected. What were the Durham County voters thinking?


Ok, I sorta feel bad for them, but remember, the reason they were easy targets is because they had a reputation for that kind of behavior on campus to begin with.

So they aren't *TOTALLY* innocent.

And that justifies my Duke hatred. ;)

As you can tell from my icon, I'm not a Duke fan. And I've taken into account the previous misdeeds of the team, but none of those were of a sexual nature. Believe me, I enjoy watching Duke's rep being sullied, but I think the DA indicted simply to win an election, not get justice.
Oh definitely, and it sucks to be them. :(

That being said, I added you as a friend, because I dont have nearly enough sports fans in the ACC on my F-List. :D
Cool, new readers are always welcome. Are you a member of acc_sports?
GASP! No! I am off to join it now!