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My vampiric tendencies are out of control, and so is my sleep cycle. This wouldn't be a problem if I could afford to be completely worthless on the weekends, but no, I have reading that must be done and a reaction paper due before 10am almost every Monday this semester. And this week I have to cover an entire book and two articles, fortunately I can use bullet points rather than prose. That'll help as some questions will have short answers. Anyway, I'd like be able to sleep, but it just isn't happening and it's too late to take anything. Damn my need for late night food and the diner being packed. I miss living right by it so that I don't feel compelled to go over there at a reasonable hour. And I miss having friends working late night, but did enjoy watching the trainees stress as I think I know more than they do, but I've never actually worked there. Anyway, I should try to sleep. Note I said try.