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American Idol Season 6

Now that a new season has begun, I wish American Idol could get through auditions faster. While I enjoy seeing some people who make me feel better about my lousy voice, 10-15 such people in two hours is a bit much. However, I do like the guest judges being used for auditions this year. And while the first week only netted a few that I thought were Top 24 worthy, this week has revealed some true talent that might make the finals. After not even twenty people were let through in either Minneapolis or Seattle, thirty-five got through in New York. The next city should be very intriguing due to its AI lineage, that being Birmingham.

As for the never-ending controversy over the judges being mean, it's much ado about nothing to me. Simon was quoted recently as saying that he meets with ones who get to the final judges and tells them that they are free to leave if they don't want to face the judges. Plus, some of these people just need to be told that it isn't gonna happen. As for the comments about physical appearance, some of them bug me, some not so much. For example everyone should know by now that Simon wants girls that are eye candy (Mandisa excluded) and even let a girl through in NYC because word got to the panel that she'd been working for a year to lose weight, and damn did she look good. Guys he doesn't seem to care as much, however there was a HOT 16 year-old, doesn't look it, that was let through. Anyway, I can't wait to see what this season holds, especially since one of the guys that got through was in Hollywood last year and forgot the words to "Build Me Up Buttercup". *dies* Mom hates it so both Emily and I know every one, and she can actually sing.


I haven't watched any of the auditions yet. I'm actually boycotting them, because I don't see the need for four hours a week of Idol auditions and no new House episodes.

I am watching the Birmingham auditions next week tho, because a girl I had a class with last semester tried out there.
House returns next week, and I only like the two-hour nights when they are good like NYC was. Other than that, an hour is enough.