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I'm sick of being sick. I've had a cold since last Saturday and it's getting annoying. However other than that, this has been a good week. I even got to feel like an actual grad student yesterday. Went to a lunch for a candidate for a 19th Century Intelluctual job, and then heard her speech later. Have another three lunches for Native Americanist candidates coming up, along with as many talks as I can attend given that two are during my British colloquium. However, it's nice to feel like a member of the department and not just another student. On a different professional note, I have my first ever job in Tallahassee. I got a position working Night Staff for University Housing and am shadowing someone Saturday night. Right now I'm just a fill-in on Mondays and Wednesday, but I get paid for two hours work every time I show up even if they don't need me. Not bad. Plus, I might actually get more reading done for class. Late nights here are too distracting and the library closes at 2am.