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I should be formulating a topic for my modern Britain paper, but so far all I've got is that it'll be interwar period, society based probably. However, I have to submit an idea tomorrow. I also have reading to do because not working last night meant no reading was done. I do have work on Thursday now though. I'm not sure if I'm gonna like Mondays, as I'm super busy as is.

Add to this my general ass load of reading, not sure where to start for my DIS, and my life is very dull. And I'm feeling down as the words that I so hoped I'd never see in print became reality yesterday. "Barbaro euthanized" was the last thing I needed to see when I needed to sleep before work. I haven't called Katherine yet, but I did fill my parents in. I can't say I was that surprised, but I was so hoping it wouldn't happen. I think I now understand the stories that I've heard all my life about Ruffian, and the pain that goes with those memories.
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